From nature to go back to nature

Natural materials are on loan: we borrow mindfully and return with care.

We’ve been using natural materials to cover our feet since, well, since we first became humans; and we are grateful for the wisdom of our ancestors who lived in balance with the natural world. 

Our ancestors were already treating and working leather seven thousand years ago. But today we fundamentally disagree with how the global industry operates; most leather is a by-product of highly industrialized, non-regenerative farming practices and we want no part in it.

This is why we use Wild Hide leather from small cattle herds that spend their whole lives roaming freely outside, reared by independent smallholder farmers.


Where is our Wild Hide leather from?

Our Wild Hide leather comes from two partners: Pittards in Ethiopia, who meet European environmental practice standards; and Interhides Plc. in Thailand.


What’s next?

We are working with our tanning partners to eliminate the need for chemical additives and achieve a 100% natural tanning process for footwear.

Hemp is the boss of the super-naturals, environmentally superior to many other natural fibers in both its growing, manufacturing and use phases as well as in how strong and versatile it is in footwear.


Where does Hemp grow?

Hemp can grow pretty much anywhere, using a lot less water than cotton, for example, and it can be harvested up to three times a year and processed with less energy and water consumption.


What’s next?

Better integration of hemp material into our textile and knitting innovation.