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  1. Addis Womens
    Addis Womens
    €155.00 €98.00
    Barefoot women's trainers for all-day feeling
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  2. Addis Mens
    Addis Mens
    €155.00 €109.00
    Barefoot men's trainers for all-day feeling
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  3. Rapanui Sweatshirt Mens
    Rapanui Sweatshirt Mens
    €45.00 €25.00
    Cosy cotton sweaters made ethically and organically to last.
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  4. Ababa II Mens
    Ababa II Mens
    Minimalist slip-ons for barefoot living
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  5. Ababa II Womens
    Ababa II Womens
    Minimalist slip-ons for barefoot living
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  6. Magna FG Womens
    Magna FG Womens
    €190.00 €124.00
    A lightweight casual hiker made with Nubuck leather
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  7. Performance Insole Womens

    Replacement barefoot insole for all VIVOBAREFOOT shoe styles.

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  8. Tracker Forest Esc Womens
    Tracker Forest Esc Womens
    €250.00 €175.00
    Escape off trail in our most advanced hiking footwear.
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  9. Tracker II FG Womens
    Tracker II Fg Womens
    €230.00 €154.00
    The natural alternative to normal hiking boots
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  10. Primus Trail III SG Womens
    Primus Trail III SG Womens
    €170.00 €119.00
    Barefoot trail footwear that takes you off-track
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  11. Ultra III Bloom Mens
    Ultra III Bloom Mens
    €120.00 €78.00
    Lightweight and regenerative amphibious shoes