World of Barefoot

6 November 2019




We want your synthetic/mesh shoes to last as long as possible – good for you, good for the planet! 

If you prefer wearing your trainers without socks, or you’ve been working up a sweat and need to freshen them up a little, this handy guide will help you keep your shoes at peak-performance. 

(Note: please don’t use this method on suede or leather shoes as they won’t be too pleased about it!)  

  1. If your shoes are smelly, try putting some baking soda in them overnight as this will naturally absorb and neutralise odour trapped in the fibres. In the morning hoover it all out – this works a treat for most shoes!
  1. If they’ve got wet and muddy, DON’T put them in a sealed bag and DON’T leaves them next to a heat source to dry. They need to be cleaned and allowed to dry naturally at a neutral temperature.
  1. If your shoes are in need of a clean, DON’T put them in the washing machine as this will cause damage to the bonding of the shoe. Instead, brush off any dirt from the upper and outsole. If just cleaning the outside, use a warm soapy cloth or sponge to gently remove any marks. Repeat this process on the insoles of your shoes for extra freshness.
  1. We recommend using Liquiproof Eco shoe cleaner (It’s specifically eco-friendly and made from natural ingredients - nice!) or a high-quality alternative.
  1. For a deeper clean, remove the insoles and submerge your trainers in warm, lightly soapy water. Give them a few squeezes to flush the water through the fibres.
  1. After soaking (for 30 mins max!), give your shoes a rinse in cold water to get any soap out. 
  1. Next up, give them a gentle squeeze to remove any excess water and leave them somewhere appropriate to air-dry. Avoid overheating and tumble dryers as this can cause damage (and is an unnecessary use of energy!). If they’re going in the garden, make sure your shoes aren’t left in direct sunlight or out in the rain. 
  1. Top it off with some Liquiproof Mesh Protect (suitable for all types of absorbent fabrics) or a high-quality alternative. This super-effective proofing spray will help repel liquid, mud and dirt – preventing stains and giving water-resistance (but it won’t turn them into wellies!).


And Voila! Your newly fresh trainers are all set for your next athletic endeavour.