29 April 2021

The story behind the wildest boots we’ve ever made

The story behind the wildest boots we’ve ever made

We developed the Tracker Forest ESC for terrains and distances our classic Tracker hiking boot isn’t designed for - and we are really lucky to have been able to work with some of the world’s finest wilderness experts to create these boots – ready to be pushed to the absolute limit.

Alongside Wild Human and Independent Adventurer, we dissected all the outdoor adventure footwear the industry has to offer, identifying what works and what’s really just dead weight. We already know barefoot is best for outdoor adventures. The traditional boot is stiff and structured, reducing mobility and balance while also literally adding to the weight you need to carry. Indigenous bush craft wisdom and skill never involves heavy, clunky boots.

We all also decided these boots needed to be long-lasting, durable and repairable – we don’t want these ending up in landfill harming the planet. We need to keep these out in the wild and on feet as long as possible!

Our wilderness experts tested these in the forests and jungles of Borneo. These are some of the key features of Tracker Forest ESC:

  • No waterproof bag – your feet and the leather breathe naturally, ideal for multi-day expeditions. Naturally water resistant with minimal construction and natural leather treatment.
  • Air mesh lining – allowing air to flow so if the boot gets wet water is kept away from feet. It also functions as a natural thermostat for cold/ hot temperatures, creating a microclimate in the boot.
  • Michelin Sole – this is our second collaboration with Michelin. The W shaped aggressive lugs give multi-directional grip. Along the lateral wedge the lugs are split to dig your foot into aggressive terrain, working with a knife edge grip.
  • Arch grip - the Vivo logo has been designed to provide additional grip with ribs that allow you to use your arch as a grip for tricky terrain.
  • ‘Yikes’ heel lug – last line of defence: not engaged when walking but on the back of the heel to catch the ground if you are starting to slip
  • Easy repair – a stitch channel around the top edge means the sole can be easily detached from the upper for repair.
  • Strong upper - two moulded rubber protection overlays on the heels for extra protection from jagged rocks or impact damage.
  • Lace hardwear – eyelets are made from a single, durable piece of metal, pressed and folded to make them stronger.

Where should you take this boot?

These are definitely not for urban environments, but to be taken deep into the belly of mother nature. Get off road, off trail and truly escape, that’s what they are made for.

And finally…

If you care and nurture for your boot it will look after you. Check out our Prepare to ESCape blog here.

We are on a journey to push the boundaries of barefoot performance in the natural world. So watch this space!