ReVivo is our re-sale platform. It’s where we recondition pre-loved Vivos so they can be sold to new customers. We’ve a selection of limited styles and even stock that’s never been worn – so if you missed out first time round, you might get lucky.

Check out our stock:

The condition of all pre-loved footwear on ReVivo is ranked and priced accordingly; from ‘Never Worn to ‘Excellent’ and ‘Good’. 


The demand for second-hand products has never been higher. Forbes recently reported that the market in clothing alone will be worth $64 billion by 2024*.

We’ve already repaired 31,000 pairs of Vivos and 19,000 pairs have found new feet.

It’s just the start of something amazing that saves Vivo footwear contributing to the global waste mountain.


Padded, ‘engineered’ shoes contain ever more ‘stuff’. We engineer complexity out to let your feet work as nature intended. Less, is more – for you, and our planet.

Collectively the footwear industry creates billions of products every year** - that’s not a typo – it’s BILLIONS – and many end up in landfill all too soon.

ReVivo shows the wider industry that there’s a massive opportunity to take collective action in a way that creates new jobs, keeps skills alive and addresses the bad habits of our throwaway culture.

Messes need messing with – and we always take action, feet first.


Have your Vivos grown tired? Have your kids grown out of them? Whatever the reason, we take back your Vivos and recondition them for resale. Find out how to do it.  

Any Vivos that are beyond help will be recycled and disposed of responsibly. 

We’re investing in new materials and processes that mean, in future, we aim for all Vivos to be repaired or fully broken down and re-created. 

UK customers can also use for our Repairs service - which we aim to roll out elsewhere in the future. 


* as reported by Forbes 17 Feb 2021 

** as reported by The Guardian 21 March 2020 



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