Running, tumbling, jumping and climbing—kids never stop moving. Free their feet in our barefoot kids' shoes, designed for natural fit, strength and flexibility.


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  1. Addis Wyn Juniors
    Addis Wyn Juniors
    €86.00 €60.00
    Barefoot kids' school shoes that are anything but uniform
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  2. Primus Sport II Kids
    Primus Sport II Kids
    €75.00 €53.00
    Everyday trainers for kids who don't just follow the crowd
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  3. Primus Bootie II All Weather Juniors
    Outdoor trainers for barefoot kids
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  4. Primus Bootie II All Weather Toddlers
    Outdoor trainers for barefoot toddlers
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  5. Fulham II Juniors
    All-season kids' boots for concrete and trails
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  6. MIM Felt Slipper
    MIM Felt Slipper Kids
    €42.00 €36.00
    Cosy, barefoot kids' slippers from Made in Mongolia
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  7. Wyn School Juniors
    Minimal, classic girls' school shoes with a barefoot twist
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  8. Wyn School Kids
    Wyn School Kids
    Minimal, classic girls' school shoes with a barefoot twist
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