We're in the business of regeneration -

feet, people and planet


Wake up your movement practice this spring. A barefoot spring means stepping back out into the world to reconnect with yourself and nature. Our Active range, made using recycled materials, is here to help you build super-natural strength and health.

Whether it’s barefoot running, weightlifting or animal flow, the Primus Lite III and the Geo Racer Knit show you what your feet are capable of. Learn to move anew and discover what the earth really feels like.


  1. Primus Lite III Mens
    Primus Lite III Mens
  2. Geo Racer Knit Mens
    Geo Racer Knit Mens
  3. Geo Racer Knit Womens
    Geo Racer Knit Womens


Tips to get moving this spring