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Feel Better in 5 with Dr Rangan Chatterjee4 Days ago

One of the key topics in my latest book, Feel Better In 5: Your Daily Plan To Feel Great For Life, is connection. So Vivobarefoot’s mission statement, to reconnect people and planet, really resonates with me. The idea that we need to disconnect (from technology) to reconnect (with each other, ourselves and the natural world) couldn’t be a more important one to share. I’m also a huge fan of exercise in nature – there’s a lot of science to back...

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How Being Barefoot Can Affect Your Brain & Mental Health20.12.2019

What is Sensory Feedback and Why Do You Need It? In feet, sensory feedback is essentially information our foot passes onto our brain, which helps us understand what’s underfoot and make decisions quickly. One of the biggest downsides of conventional...

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Foot Care is Back Care20.12.2019

I used to suffer with persistent lower back pain. After multiple trips to the doctors and various physiotherapists I was diagnosed with having chronically tight psoas muscles (pronounced SO-as). The psoas muscles are large, thick, structural muscles; the internal scaffolding...

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We love finding ways to reconnect to nature and being active in the great outdoors, as well as in our awe-inspiring oceans, just makes us happy humans. Which is why we love The Wave, a brand-new, inland surfing lake near...

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Wrapping up another successful swimrun season!06.12.2019

It’s the end of another amazing season for swimrun - another year which has seen the sport booming in popularity around the world! And not just by the increasing numbers of elite endurance athletes who are joining in, but also...

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Small steps shoe auction03.12.2019

The most expensive Vivos so far and all for a good cause Around 15 million people live on rubbish dumps globally, many of them are children. This year we’re teaming up with Small Steps Project to set up a locally-run...

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The Traditional, Stiff, Rigid Hiking Boot is a Myth28.11.2019

I am Max Lowery, and I have been a personal trainer for six years, training a wide variety of people with all sorts of different goals, wants and problems. Having lived and worked in London for 15 years, I recently...

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