Opanka Lace Leather Womens

Opanka Lace Leather Womens - Black

Opanka is handmade in Portugal using the finest 2mm raw suede, combined with sustainably sourced, vegetable tanned leather. This combination is specially designed to let feet move naturally and breathe freely. The clean lines and classic silhouette make Opanka a smart stylish shoe for both men and women alike.

We're confident that after experiencing the joys of natural foot freedom, your feet won't want to go back to 'normal' shoes.

So confident, we've introduced a 100 day trial to all orders. If you change your mind within that period, we're happy for you to return your shoes for a full refund with no hassle.

Your trial will commence automatically from the date your order arrives. Simply check out with your shoes as usual and we'll take care of the rest. (Standard Ts and Cs apply).



  • Hand made in Portugal
  • Leather footbed
  • Veg tanned leather


8 Reviews

So close

I've been looking for shoes to fit my unique toe spread, and finally I found a company that fits my feet! These are really beautiful shoes, really high quality leather, and I've been very pleased with all but one thing. They come up so high that they dig into my ankle which really limits my mobility. I'm still breaking them in on my 100 day trial, but I'm not sure this ankle issue will get resolved. I have a theory that if I wear insoles to raise my feet up, they might fit better (I have long feet, but I am a small person, and I think these were just designed for someone with a bigger frame than me), butvthat kind of defeats the purpose of the minimalist sole, so it's definitely not ideal.


Why don't all companies make shoes for FEET (and make them sustainably and responsibly)???? It seems like that would be common sense but turns out it's not. These shoes are a dream and I'm never ever going back. They're worth every penny. Thank GOD for these. I will also say I HAD flat feet and had a long history of shoe inserts but not anymore!! Flat shoes made my arches work for what they got and my ankles, knees, hips feel so much better (and can feel the earth). AND THEY'RE DRESS SHOES!!! DOESN'T GET ANY BETTER THAN THISSSSS!!!!


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Receive exclusive updates on promotions, news and product launches