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The Kanna is a stripped back vegan movement shoe with a stretchy breathable mesh sock. Designed to work in tune with all your urban adventures. Kanna is lightweight with a soft and seamless fit that hugs the foot and lets your toes splay with complete freedom.

We're confident that after experiencing the joys of natural foot freedom, your feet won't want to go back to 'normal' shoes.

So confident, we've introduced a 100 day trial to all orders. If you change your mind within that period, we're happy for you to return your shoes for a full refund with no hassle.

Your trial will commence automatically from the date your order arrives. Simply check out with your shoes as usual and we'll take care of the rest. (Standard Ts and Cs apply).


  • Vegan
  • Breathable mesh – to help feet stay cool
  • TPU sole – our thinnest sole with the best durability


252 Reviews

Perfect for wide feet wearing CorrectToes

I wear my gray kanna women's shoes every chance I get! They are very flexible. I love being able to feel the small rocks, cracks and details on sidewalks and wherever else I step. I primarily wear my shoes on paved areas, sometimes to run on grass, and at the gym. I haven't tested them hiking, but I wouldn't feel comfortable bringing them on a hike because the material on the top doesn't seem as durable or waterproof. If you're looking at these shoes and are wondering if they're compatible with "CorrectToes", they just about fit my feet which are very wide in the toe area (I wear them to correct my bunions). It's not uncomfortable when I wear the CorrectToes. The only reason why I didn't go 100% to recommend to a friend is because the shoes are a little pricey. However, it is worth the investment, especially for someone who is looking for shoes that follow the natural shape of our feet. I bought mine on sale! :) Because the upper material doesn't seem as durable as the rest of the shoe, I would be a little hesitant pay full price for these if I were to buy these.


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Receive exclusive updates on promotions, news and product launches