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Join us. Because every day should be Earth Day.

We’re asking you to help local communities fight global warming.

We’ve joined non-profit organisation One Earth to make some much needed noise in support of three Indigenous-led climate solution projects.

Read about our supported projects below.

We’re matching our community’s donations, so your impact will be doubled.

(Vivo X One Earth will match our community’s giving - up to $30k).

Let’s make a noise for community action in the Amazon, America’s southwest and Ethiopia.

Change is easier to create than any of us might think.

It doesn’t take a majority – who knew?! The United Nations recently stated that it only takes 10-30% of the population to create meaningful change.*

Here’s how you can start:

  • Dive into the incredible stories featured in the Vivo X One Earth projects.
  • Scroll down to find out why we’ve teamed with One Earth and the extraordinary work they do.
  • Wear the mission - we’ve created a special edition Primus Lite III to mark the collaboration and Earth Day.

*Source: We leaked the upcoming IPCC report! – Scientist Rebellion


The Amazon’s ancestral guardians are the best protectors of its biodiversity. Here’s how Amazon Frontlines help them do it.


Ethiopia’s MELCA project works with communities to champion the value of traditional farming knowledge.

Times have been tough on the Navajo Nation. The Rainbow Co-op tell us why traditional shepherding skills are vital for cultural identity and earth-connection.

Wear the One Earth Mission

Our awarded, hero trainer, the Primus Lite III – gets a One Earth makeover.

Wear the mission and support Indigenous-led climate solutions.

  1. Primus Sport II One Earth Toddlers
    Primus Sport II One Earth Toddlers
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One Earth is an organisation dedicated to getting funds to projects around the world. They all share a common purpose: providing on-the-ground climate solutions.

When we met to discuss an Earth Day collaboration, they described something extraordinary. The key to solving the climate crisis lies in the knowledge, and actions, of communities closest to the earth.

Results from many Indigenous-led projects provide the evidence. If these approaches were scaled up across the world, they could help restore our climate. They can help bring people and our planet back into harmony.

But there’s a problem.

We all donate to all sorts of great causes. Yet how much of our giving do you think reaches climate change projects? 20%? 15%?

Not even close.

Justin Winters (she/her), One Earth’s Executive Director, told us, “Less than 2% of global giving goes to climate and environmental efforts – and only a fraction of that reaches Indigenous and community-led projects. Our ground-breaking science shows it’s possible to solve the climate crisis with solutions that exist today. It’s the people who are the game-changers – not politicians.”

The incredible people leading local, climate solution projects aren’t getting nearly enough resources. One Earth is here to change that.

And you can help. We’re matching Vivo Community up to $30k. Head over to One Earth to add your support directly and double your impact.