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  1. Geo Racer II Mens
    Geo Racer II Mens
    Feet first exercise footwear, made with recycled and vegan materials
    As low as $155.00
  2. Primus Lite III All Weather Mens
    Primus Lite III All Weather Mens
    The lightweight active all-weather trainer, for year-round movement
    As low as $170.00
  3. Primus Lite III Mens
    Primus Lite III Mens
    The lightweight recycled active trainer, made for uninhibited movement
    As low as $155.00
  4. Primus Trail II All Weather FG Mens
    Primus Trail II All Weather FG Mens
    The feet-first all-weather trail runner made for untouched terrain
    As low as $180.00
  5. Primus Trail II FG Mens
    Primus Trail II FG Mens
    The feet-first recycled trail runner for tackling untouched terrain
    As low as $175.00
  6. Primus Trail Knit Fg Mens
    Primus Trail Knit FG Mens

    The feet-first trail footwear, flexible but tough for rocky terrain

    As low as $190.00
  7. Geo Racer Knit Mens
    Geo Racer Knit Mens
    Rebuild natural foot strength with every workout.
    As low as $165.00

Our diverse collection of Mens Vegan shoes let you wear your sustainability statement on your feet without compromising on performance or your barefoot ambition. The materials we use in our vegan shoes range from the recycled plastic bottles of the durable and lightweight Primus Lite, to the renewable plant based materials that make up the high performance Primus Lite II Bio, as well as the pioneering algae based foam of the Ultra III Bloom.
Alongside being ethically made, every shoe is feature packed, from the highly breathable PET recycled mesh found in the versatile Primus Trail Swimrun, to the firm ground rubber outsoles of the durable Magna Trail and Primus Trail FG. With Vivobarefoot vegan footwear you can feel the ground beneath your feet with ease, and an easy conscience.