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Tracker FG Mens


This lightweight, leather hiking boot is designed for wild and rough terrains. Tracker features our Firm Ground sole with chevron lugs that provide traction over trails and rocky landscapes. This barefoot boot is fully waterproof, constructed with a sealed inner membrane reinforced by hydrophobic leather proofing. The removable thermal insole allows you to explore nature in all its seasonal glory.

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100 day trial for barefoot beginners

We're confident that after 100 days of au natural foot freedom (you need to give them a proper outing) your feet will love being feet. So we're happy to give you a no-quibbles test run for 100 days.

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Tracker is testament to our belief that feet can go barefoot across all terrains.

This durable hiking boot  is tough enough to tackle any terrain -- from Toubkal to Tabletop Mountain, while still lightweight enough to throw in your backpack.

  • Premium Action Leather – water resistant treatment
  • Waterproof Construction – with sealed inner membrane
  • Firm Ground Sole – 3mm lugs for multi-terrain traction
  • Mountain Lace – for non-slip adherence
  • Removable Thermal Insole – provides up to 300% more thermal protection

Weight : 1100g

Tracker FG Mens DNA


Patented, ultra-thin, puncture resistant layer. 5x more puncture resistant than a standard sole of the same thickness.


Weather-proofed uppers, sealed seams and thermal insulation. Includes thermal insole.


Heat sealed seams and / or hydrophobic inner bootie construction with non-absorbent materials, to keep the water out what ever the weather.

WP Leather
WP Leather

Premium, durable leather with a special, wet weather proof treatment.

Tough Rubber Compound
Tough Rubber Compound

Strong, non-marking rubber compound for sticky grip and high-abrasion when you need it most.

Removeable Thermal Insole
Thermal Insole

A 3.5mm thermal insole; combining Outlast™ thermal regulator, reflective foil & insulating foam, giving you 3x the thermal protection as a normal insole.


The Tracker is one of our constantly evolving core lines and testament to our belief of going Barefoot across all terrains - even the most extreme ones. Tried and tested from Toubkal to Tabletop Mountain with the advantage of being light enough to throw in your backpack for the journey between.

Designed for wild and rough terrains, with our new firm ground sole, this minimalist walking shoes waterproof lining and thermal protection keep feet protected and ready to explore nature.


Favorite Work Boot

What a great everyday work boot. I wear them to hike down our mountain to our valley and farm. They lasted me a whole year of pretty much every day heavy wear. I am buying my second pair because I love them so much. Very lightweight and allow my feet to move naturally! Highly recommend to anyone looking for a 'barefoot' work boot.

Wanted to love it but...

I purchased the Men’s Hiking Shoe and wanted to love it but I’ve struggled a decent amount trying to get to that point.

In the ads the shoe looked soft up top, roomy in the toe box, and tough but flexible on the sole. I purchased these mostly as a day to day shoe for office work and a bit of weekend easy to moderate level hiking. What I’ve learned in my first 100 days is that:

The Upper
Shoe is nice leather up top but not as supple as I hoped. As a hiking boot this probably makes sense to give good ankle stability. Maybe over more use it will soften further.

The Fit
The toe box is rather tight on me (toe is very close to end) and I can’t really move my toes laterally or vertically that well and this is a big negative since I mainly bought these boots to allow my toes to splay and work like a forefoot naturally should. The rigid sole plays a lot into this. And then in the heel and midfoot the shoe is very “boxy” allowing too much movement for the foot.

To help fix my biggest issue in “fit”, I’ve tried switching out the insoles with three different types/thicknesses which might help the toe box issue but not the heel/midfoot or vice versa. I also have tried a number of types of socks which make a big difference as well but I’ve yet to find a solid fit which is frustrating everyday.

The best fit I've been able to find is to remove the thermal insole that came in the boot and replace it with an aftermarket insole that's thin at the forefoot but a little more formed/thicker at the heel. Then I wear medium weight sock and lace the boot rather tight. This keeps my foot in place in the heal and does allow my toes a little more movement than before. It's not perfect but much better.

The Sole
The sole is very rigid which is not great for "feeling" the ground like a minimus show might (or other Vivo shoes) but in the end it's a boot. I probably had too high of hopes to have a flexible sole and not get a stone bruise on a rocky hike. The good thing is that it will probably have a nice long life.

I wanted to love this boot but I'm just not there yet. My only other option is to return these for a size up but that might just exacerbate the loose heel. Unfortunately Vivobarefoot doesn't offer 1/2 sizes in this boot. It's a good boot but not exactly what I was originally hoping. I'm happy I got the Tracker for a nice discount. At full price I would definitely return it. I'm currently working with Customer Service so we'll see what I finally decide.

Great boot

Very comfortable boot Out of the box it was nice and light and flexible It is a little warm for hotter days here in California but as a winter boot, I can attest to it's great waterproofing and grip The thermal insoles are great as well

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