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Rif Swimrun Mens


Rif Eco Suede is inspired by the original Moroccan sand dune running shoe, and reimagined for the modern world. The distinctive upper shape is intentionally designed to waste as little material as possible in creation. Rif is an everyday shoe is built for the everyday urban minimalist that appreciates the simple things in life.

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100 day trial for barefoot beginners

We're confident that after 100 days of au natural foot freedom (you need to give them a proper outing) your feet will love being feet. So we're happy to give you a no-quibbles test run for 100 days.

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  • Vegan
  • Eco suede – made with recycled plastic bottles
  • TPU City sole – our thinnest sole with the best durability

Rif Swimrun Mens DNA


Patented, ultra-thin, puncture resistant layer. 5x more puncture resistant than a standard sole of the same thickness.


Produced using animal free products and processes.

TPU Compound
TPU Compound

Super thin, lightweight and incredibly durable for maximum underfoot sensory clarity.

Eco Suede
Eco Suede

Synthetic material with a minimum environmental tread, produced using PET bottles, maintaining the look and feel of natural suede.


Like these shoes!

I really like these shoes. They are comfortable and are great for going barefoot in for nice occasions. I wish that there were more common colors for these shoes, such as black and white, and black and red. The toe box is perfect. I wish that the space between back of heal and shoe tongue were smaller. Sometimes I feel like my foot wanted to slip out to easily. This is the same thing for their other slip on shoes as well that I wish would change. Overall I would recommend this shoe to others. Also it would be great if the price was lower. These are the best shoes that I have found for my feet, but wish they were a little cheaper. Thank you Vivobarefoot for making shoes that fit my feet!

A perfect summer shoe

The Rif Swimrun is my favorite Vivo shoe that I've yet owned. The recycled material in the upper has a soft touch, but feels resilient; "eco suede" is very accurate. This shoe has a pleasing profile, and I like the look of its toe design. Not too broad and duck-billed. However, it's also the most narrow Vivo shoe I've yet owned. This is fine for me, but others with wider feet might want to try a different model.

Lastly, the images look, to me, like the sole is a bright gum sole color, but it's much more "safety orange". Still cool, but it doesn't match with as much stuff as I hoped it would.

Overall, I love wearing this shoe!

Good Shoe, Not What I Wanted

I first bought Vivobarefoot for the office, then winter boots, and now it's time for casual warm weather kicks. I bought the Stealth IIs and these, and I'll be sticking with the Stealths, but not because these are a bad shoe.

The Rifs are very lightweight and sport pleasantly minimalist aesthetics. (Frankly, Vivobarefoot could stand to make more of their shoes look this way.) They're comfortable and casual, but in the end, a bit too casual for me. I was picturing something unstructured but secure, like minimalist Vans Authentics. But they fit a bit looser than that. They won't slip off, but I don't think I'd like to go for a run in them.

In the end, the Stealths just fit a little more snugly around my ankle, and thus lend themselves to slightly more active use. If you're looking for something to stroll around town though, the Rifs will fare just fine.

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