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Namib Leather Mens


The Namib desert boot is made with camel leather: Specially selected for its rugged durability, this leather is naturally scarred and weathered as a reflection of a life of free-roaming. The upper is stitched into the sticky rubber hex flex sole. A removable nylon ankle strap and heavy duty laces keep sand and nasties out. This is a shoe that’s built to handle not only desert environment but also perfect for everyday city wear year round.

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We're confident that after 100 days of au natural foot freedom (you need to give them a proper outing) your feet will love being feet. So we're happy to give you a no-quibbles test run for 100 days.

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Vivobarefoot has designed this boot in collaboration with the with world’s outdoorsmen and tested in the desert environment. Tested in nature and perfected for feet, this is the perfect hot climate expeditions and perfect for everyday city use

  • Camel leather
  • Removable nylon ankle strap
  • Padded calf skin collar lining
  • Rubber multi sole – made with sticky rubber performance compound
  • Removable cork insole – naturally anti-bacterial

Namib Leather Mens DNA


Patented, ultra-thin, puncture resistant layer. 5x more puncture resistant than a standard sole of the same thickness.

Pittards Wild Hide
Pittards Wild Hide

African leather tanned by Pittards®, from the hides of free roaming animals that have lived a little and made love under the sun.

TPU Compound
TPU Compound

Super thin, lightweight and incredibly durable for maximum underfoot sensory clarity.


Love These Boots

This is my first pair of Vivo Barefoot boots I have owned and they are awesome. I was a little unsure about them in the beginning because I am not used to wearing shoes with so much toe room, but I have since gotten comfortable with it.

The boots are very light and comfortable. The leather looks awesome and it has different look and grain than other leather boots I have owned.

Overall, I really like them and I have received many compliments as well as questions about them. I would definitely recommend these boots!

Great Style, Good Build, But Imperfect

While just about everything about this boot is great: it's surprisingly warm for a minimal shoe, it's got great style, well built, comfy; it did take me 2 orders and a return to get the fit right. Definitely runs a little large as well as a bit on the wide side. I have yet to really turn them loose on some dusty Arizona trails, but plan to in the coming weeks. I'm excited about the tongue construction and overall winter/waterproofness of the boot. Would recommend.

Great shoe but know what you're getting

Love the shoe, but know the details before you buy.

Not a huge fan of the strap so it came off immediately. I think they look better without them However, I do like having the option as it makes them look a little more like trainers and less like a boot.

Super lightweight with comfortable insoles that don't warm my foot like I would imagine the winter style boots would. Insoles are thin but not so thin that you feel every rock and crack like my old Vibrams. Very comfortable for city and trail.

Leather lined on the upper inside of the shoe feels very luxurious and helps prevent chaffing when I don't wear tall socks.

The camel leather is soft and has a different grain as compared to a cowhide shoe. Since the shoes are so flexible the leather does acquire its bends and creases rather quickly which I do like.

I normally wear a size 13 in sneakers and my foot is approximately 11.5" long and very narrow (3.5" at widest point). I bought a 12.5 which is very rare to find. In that size I had about a thumb width of space in the front which is perfect.

My biggest gripe is how wide the toe box is. Its about 5" wide in size 12.5. I did know this going in but its a bit wide too wide for my liking. Also there is a lot of play vertically as the toe box is wide and deceptively tall so I wasn't able to tighten the shoe down to the point where my foot didn't move around freely in the shoe. I've come to terms with it and if I need them to be more snug I just double my socks or wear thick ones.

SHIPPING!!! I read a bunch of horror stories about he company and its shipping which almost stopped me from purchasing. I pulled the trigger anyway and they arrived promptly the day before a big trip so I was more than happy. Ignore those reviews, the shipping is legit.

Mixed reviews from friends and family. Was told they look like "Earth Shoes" from the 70's and was also asked if they were Tims. Everyone agreed that they were nice though and they definitely spark a conversation.

Note that the wide toe box from above looks rather peculiar initially but you'll get used to it.

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