1. What is Revivo?

    Our aim is to keep as many pairs of Vivo’s out of landfill and provide all products with an end of life solution. And ReVivo is our initial foray into this. Through our partnership with UK-based The Boot Repair Company we have designed a program to turn worn out footwear into revived product, reconditioning them for another life on a new pair of feet. Specialists in all aspects of footwear restoration, their highly skilled team use the latest machinery and eco-friendly products to process slightly worn once loved shoes and revive them back to their former glory.

    All styles have been inspected thoroughly and individually processed and graded, meeting our exacting standards and have been cleaned and refurbished accordingly. Customers can choose whether they wish to buy a product in Excellent, Great or Good condition when selecting their style and size of choice.

    Our ReVivo website provides all the information on how we repair out footwear, allowing you to buy a new pair of refurbished Vivo’s.

  2. Can I send my own Vivobarefoot shoes for repair?

    For now, the repairs service is only available in the UK and can be purchased as a service on ReVivo. A global Vivobarefoot repairs service is another goal of ours to restore your much-loved styles to their former glory and send them back to you. 

  3. Why buy Revivo’d shoes?

    At Vivo we believe the most sustainable option for our footwear, is to keep them on feet for as long as we possibly can. The Revivo  programme gives our worn and returned Vivo footwear a new life; revived, reconditioned and made available to purchase. Re-Vivo provides our customers with the opportunity to support our on-going ambitions, of keeping materials in use for longer and diverting our footwear away from ending up in landfill.

  4. Where do Revivo shoes come from?

    The footwear sold on ReVivo come from Vivobarefoot customer returns. These can either be shoes that have been worn by long standing customers and require TLC to restore or simply styles that were sent back recently after purchase and need some additional work to get them back to good shape.

  5. What happens to product that cannot be refurbished?

    Any footwear that we cannot refurbish will be disassembled and downcycled for a new life. While we know is not the best possible option for their end of life, we are constantly exploring different ways to recycle and upcycle our materials.

  6. What is Amnesty?

    A new initiative to keep as many of our shoes out of landfill and extend their lifetime. From October - December 2020 customers sent us back their old pairs of Vivobarefoot shoes for us to refurbish and as a thank you we offered a 20% discount at Vivobarefoot or a £10 donation to the Livebarefoot Foundation.

    Following a successful trial we are looking for a way to incorporate this practice to our everyday life and be available year round.

  7. How does Amnesty work?
    We will soon communicate the new process to donate your shoes back to us in order for them to have a second life.
  8. Can I send all types of shoes to Amnesty?

    Currently we only offer this service for Vivobarefoot shoes. We accept all Vivo shoes in whatever condition they might be in.

  9. Will I receive my shoes back?

    This is NOT a repair service, you will send them off and not get them back. We are looking to launch a repair service later this year. Sign up to our newsletter and keep an eye on our social channels to find out more. 

  10. What’s the difference between this amnesty and the 100-day trial?

    Our shoe amnesty is a limited promotion to encourage customers to send their old, previously loved Vivo's back to us no matter how long ago they made their purchase, no matter what channel they bought them from. Our goal is to keep as many Vivobarefoot shoes out of landfill and to give them a new live. The amnesty will not give customers a refund on their original purchase but will give them a 20% discount code on a new pair of Vivo's or we can make a £10 donation on their behalf to the Livebarefoot Foundation.



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