Will I get the same OUTSOLE/ SHOELACES/EYELETS or can I pick another colour?

We use original factory outsoles, so you will receive the same quality tread as when you first bought your Vivobarefoot footwear. There is no option to change the type of outsole as the contours of each type of sole are different so changing them would mean they won’t fit the uppers perfectly.

We offer 4 sole colours - White, Black, Gum & Brown - so we will do our very best to replace your existing ones with the best match available.

We stock the majority of shoelace colours and designs. However, if we don’t have availability, we will choose the closest match to the originals as possible.

We don’t stock every Vivo eyelet and lace hook ever designed so if we cannot match it, we will change the eyelet/hook on both shoes so at least the shoes match - and you will then have a totally customised, unique pair!

The colours used will be based on availability and customization is not yet available.


Categories: Repairs