1. What does the Repairs Service offer?

    For U.K. customers only, we can now repair your best-loved Vivos, keeping them on your feet and away from landfill longer. (There are a few models we cannot yet repair, these are: Primus Lite, Primus Lite II, Primus Knit, Stealth, Kasana & the Ultra models.)

    We are working hard to take our regenerative solutions around the world, but we’ve got to get this right, so please bear with us!

    This service is for shoes that are at least one year old, should your newer shoes be faulty, please contact our customer services team:

    Our repair options are as follows:

    1. ReFresh: Shoes are steam cleaned inside and out. The soles, bumpers and uppers are refurbished. Laces are replaced with any stitching/patching needed or the replacement of eyelets/laces/hooks as needed. Finished with Micro-Fresh spray.
    2. ReCondition: Shoes are steam cleaned inside and out. Old sole is removed and replaced with a new sole tread. Finished with Micro-Fresh spray. 
    3. ReVive: Shoes are steam cleaned inside and out. Old sole is removed and replaced with a new sole tread. Any stitching/patching needed and/or laces, hooks/eyelets are repaired/replaced. Finished with Micro-Fresh spray.
    4. Kids ReFresh: Shoes are steam cleaned inside and out. Soles, bumpers and uppers refurbished. Any stitching/patching and/or laces, hooks/eyelets repaired/replaced as needed. Finished with Micro-Fresh spray.

    This is only offered for the UK as we’re a UK-based company and, at the moment, our only trusted repairs partner The Boot Repair Company is based in the UK.

    We are looking for viable alternatives and partners in other countries and hope to soon be able to roll out this service around the world.

  2. Which styles can I have repaired and what happens if they are not repairable?

    We are working hard on trying to make all styles repairable. However, at the moment we cannot repair Primus Lite, Primus Lite II, Primus Knit, Stealth, Kasana & the Ultra models.

    From 2020, all our new models are designed with repairability in mind, we are sorry if we cannot repair your current favourites.

    If your shoes are not repairable, we will contact you to discuss end of life options available on a case by case basis.

    We will refund you for the Repairs Service minus the cost of return shipping.

  3. How much does shipping cost?

    Shipping and delivery are free. Your repair order includes a downloadable shipping (returns) label so you can post your shoes for repair free of charge.

    Please note that packaging for your repair shipment is not supplied with your order; you will need to pack it yourself – an old shoebox and paper from your recycling box will do just fine!

  4. How long does it take?

    Repairs take two weeks from arrival at our workshop. You will receive an email once your shoes have arrived and then again before they are sent back.

  5. How do I track my order?

    With every Repairs order you will receive confirmation details and an order number. Please either print out the sheet or download the QR code attached in that email to have it scanned at the Royal Mail counter.

    Once we receive your footwear, we send you an email confirming they are going into our workshop for repair. Once the repair is complete you will receive another email with a shipping tracking reference to let you know they’re coming home and ready to rock!

  6. How have repairs costs been calculated?

    Repairing this style of footwear requires a highly skilled crafts team as they are very tricky to repair. This is why we work specifically with The Boot Repair Company, and we can currently only offer this service to UK customers. Our goal is to integrate greater repairability into all future models so as to bring down repair costs and make this service available in other countries.

  7. What should I do if my shoes have been extremely well-loved and I’m not sure if they can be repaired?

    If you’re concerned your shoes are beyond repair, please contact us before sending them in with some pictures and we will advise accordingly:

  8. What happens if I purchase the wrong Repairs Service or I want to cancel my repair?

    Every pair is assessed before the repair is carried out. If your footwear requires a different repair, we will contact you to discuss this. If you do not want to upgrade your repair, we send the shoes back to you with a refund, minus the cost of return shipping.

    You can cancel your order anytime between purchasing your repair and sending your shoes to us.

  9. What happens if I’m not happy with my repair?

    Please contact us directly and we will do our upmost to fix any problems or issues:

  10. Will I get the same OUTSOLE/ SHOELACES/EYELETS or can I pick another colour?

    We use original factory outsoles, so you will receive the same quality tread as when you first bought your Vivobarefoot footwear. There is no option to change the type of outsole as the contours of each type of sole are different so changing them would mean they won’t fit the uppers perfectly.

    We offer 4 sole colours - White, Black, Gum & Brown - so we will do our very best to replace your existing ones with the best match available.

    We stock the majority of shoelace colours and designs. However, if we don’t have availability, we will choose the closest match to the originals as possible.

    We don’t stock every Vivo eyelet and lace hook ever designed so if we cannot match it, we will change the eyelet/hook on both shoes so at least the shoes match - and you will then have a totally customised, unique pair!

    The colours used will be based on availability and customization is not yet available.




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