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“Whether we are training in the gym, hiking in the snow, or trail running, Vivobarefoot has been our "go-to" shoes for the past several years.”  

- E3Rehab Podcast

  1. Primus Lite Knit Mens
    Primus Lite Knit Mens
    $126.00 $180.00
  2. Primus Trail Knit FG Mens
    Primus Trail Knit FG Mens
    $144.00 $180.00
  3. Tracker II FG Mens
    Tracker II FG Mens


The human foot is a biomechanical masterpiece; when left to its own devices it can thrive doing everything from walking and running to jumping and dancing, but by cramming it in a modern shoe – cushioned, narrow and rigid – negates its natural strength and function.

Vivobarefoot is based on one simple insight - barefoot footwear is regenerative to human health. Our feet are our foundation connecting us to the earth, they should not be compromised. Combining ancient indigenous wisdom with modern innovation, our range consists of natural, biosynthetic and recycled material products of super minimalist design.


Your feet are amazing. Each foot has 26 bones, 33 joints and over 100 muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Keeping them healthy is important!

Learn why moving barefoot is so good for your feet health. 


The VIVOHEALTH hub is a growing collection of courses and experiences that teach you how to move more naturally and healthily, however you use your body.


Outdoor Vivos take you into nature with full feeling, whatever the landscape. Say goodbye to 
foam and padding that damage your feet, and hello to a closer connection with nature.


Performance Vivos build strength, balance and flexibility by letting your feet do their natural thing. Minimalist footwear with maximum feeling for road running, gym workouts and outdoor training.


Lifestyle Vivos mix style with barefoot comfort. They let your feet move freely and show you the power of barefoot all day, every day. Welcome to a new way of living.