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  1. Magna Trail II FG Womens
    A free-moving city sneaker with added outdoor features
  2. Addis Womens
    Addis Womens
    $160.00 $120.00
    Barefoot women's trainers for all-day feeling
  3. Addis Mens
    Addis Mens
    $160.00 $120.00
    Barefoot men's trainers for all-day feeling
  4. Rapanui Hoody Mens
    Warm and eco-friendly hoodies made with organic materials
  5. Rapanui Sweatshirt Mens
    Cosy cotton sweaters made ethically and organically to last.
  6. Ababa II Mens
    Ababa II Mens
    Minimalist slip-ons for barefoot living
  7. Ababa II Womens
    Minimalist slip-ons for barefoot living
  8. Magna FG Womens
    Magna FG Womens
    $210.00 $147.00
    A lightweight casual hiker made with Nubuck leather
  9. Performance Insole Womens

    Replacement barefoot insole for all VIVOBAREFOOT shoe styles.

  10. Primus Trail III SG Womens
    Barefoot trail footwear that takes you off-track
  11. Ultra III Bloom Mens
    Lightweight and regenerative amphibious shoes

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