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  1. Scott III Mens
    Scott III Mens
    The robust, everyday barefoot work boot
  2. Scott III ECO Mens
    Scott III ECO Mens
    The robust, everyday vegan barefoot work boot
  3. Geo Court III Mens
    Geo Court III Mens
    Soft leather sneakers that tread lightly on the earth
  4. Ra III Mens
    Ra III Mens
    A classic natural leather Oxford that blurs work and play

Ideal for your day-to-day barefoot needs, our Men's Lifestyle range lets you move naturally while working, playing and exploring in urban environments. It features lightweight, minimalist dress shoes like the Ra, sneakers like the Addis and desert boots for walking the city, like the Gobi. Everything is made with high-quality, consciously sourced leather or durable vegan materials, and comes with a thin, flexible, puncture-resistant sole. Wearing barefoot every day builds foot, calf and ankle strength and flexibility, and can reverse long-term damage from ill-fitting shoes. But if you're new to barefoot footwear, remember to listen to your feet and walk before you run.