World of Barefoot

August 11, 2016



Having just returned from Trillevallen, Sweden, for the AXA Fjallmaraton and weekend of brutal Primus Trail testing, we hear from Dale, our international Sales Manager, resident trail enthusiast and the smiliest man at Vivo.

Jennifer Asp after her race win.


I had the pleasure of combining my work with my passion at the recent AXA Fjallmaraton trail festival in Sweden. It was supposed to be a week of product testing with 4 of our elite team; Ola Nyburg, Scott Cole, Darryl Ball and Jennifer Asp with few of them racing and myself doing the 44km AXA Race. We brought along our Primus Trail test samples too, and figured we could get some great feedback on our SS17 products.

Ola Nyberg from our elite team.


It turned out that the product was tested in the most rugged, beautiful and muddy conditions mountains can offer, with 1000m climbs and descents; roots, rocks, rivers and lots of mud. At the end of the week, VIVOBAREFOOT clearly came out on top with our ELITE TEAM getting three firsts and 2 seconds over the four races. I didn't get on any podiums, but ended up doing 4 of the races, as the spirit of the event sucked me in. 

Our Primus Trail test pairs after being put through their paces.


It turned out that I ran just shy of 100km with nearly 5000m of climbing. It was tons of fun and hard work, with my Primus Trail Firm Ground and Soft Ground shoes came off better than me and my tired legs. Let it be know my feet and toenails are fine!

Vivo Co-founder Asher Clark...concentrating.


We had the pleasure of sharing the trails with VIVO owners Galahad And Asher Clark, along with a few families, pros, kids and newcomers to the trails. I cannot recommend this event enough if you love being outdoors. The food, scenery and people were all amazing.  It is hard to say who had the most fun.

Me at the finish line at the end of an amazing weekend.

If I was a betting man I would say it was definitely myself who had the most fun and collected the most mud. In a nutshell, I will be the first to sign up for 2017 and I’m really excited to see how our customers fall in love with our new, updated Primus Trail.