Vivobarefoot is going to Wilderness Festival

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VIVOBAREFOOT is heading to Wilderness Festival (Oxfordshire, UK) on August 2nd to share the joys of that barefoot feel on 10,000 happy campers.


Ready to energise from the ground upwards, the VIVOBAREFOOT tent will be putting the natural spring back in every festi-goers step, hosting a series of FREE Workshops, Yoga, Talks, Foot-therapy, Arts & Crafts and Wilderness walks to re-invigorating from the toes upwards and unleash the supernatural you.


The average person will walk 15 miles over an adventure-packed festival weekend and if lighting up the dancefloor until the early hours… we expect they’ll double-time to the rhythm of the beat.


A sensory experience from the first step, the VIVOBAREFOOT tent will be a sanctuary for connection and wellness. Visit us to give your feet the love they deserve… after all, you’ve only got one pair!


Sign up for classes at our tent in advance to guarantee a place or simply drop in! 



Wilderness Woodland Walks

With Survival Expert Ben McNutt




Discover plant lore, wilderness skills and sensory connection in the ancient woodland home to Wilderness festival. Ready to inspire kindred folk to get the most out of their senses and learn about the edible, toxic, medicinal and utility properties of our native plants, trees and fungi.



Yoga from the Roots Up  

with Sinta Soekadarova



Sinta is trained in Himamalayan Hatha , Prana Kriya and Jivamukti yoga teachings. Her daily yoga class explores the foundations of all standing and balancing postures, extending to all movement in daily life.


A playful approach to discovering the connection between the ground/mother earth, your feet and how those roots affect the rest of your body . Creating space and strength to move in life in a playful way. Experience the benefits in everyday life and get ready for some AHA moments!


Fall in love with your feet workshop

 With Reflexologist Lexi Clark



Unleash the joys of that barefoot feel and energise from the ground upwards, putting the natural spring back in your step. Reflexologist, Lexi Clark, brings experience, passion and creativity to help build awareness of the importance of happy healthy feet. 


Barefoot Shoe Making is Sustainable Shoe Making

 with Galahad Clark



VIVOBAREFOOT Founder, Galahad Clark, is a 7th generation cobbler of the infamous Clark family of Clarks shoes. Now a barefoot purist, Galahad will share the sustainable values that sit at the core of VIVOBAREFOOT innovations: creating shoes that are good for your feet and good for the planet.


A talk by Explorer (And barefooter!) Ed Stafford



In 2010 Explorer and Adventurer, Ed Stafford, became the first person to walk the length of the Amazon river. It took him 2.5 years. He came to VIVOBAREFOOT in pursuit of natural movement and has never looked back. Join him in the VIVOBAREFOOT tent to hear tales of adventure and the importance of strong, healthy, happy feet as the foundation of all great journeys.


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