If you’re looking for the perfect new hiking shoe, you’ll have noticed that there are a million different options, along with a seemingly endless list of high-tech features that may (or may not) be what you’re looking for. 

It’s worth taking your time choosing which pair of shoes is going to become your trusty companion – after all, there’s a good chance you’ll be spending a lot of time together.

We guarantee that every pair of shoes you find on our site is innovated to let you move with natural, healthy freedom. But there are key features that make different designs perfect for different activities… so this handy guide is here to help you find the perfect Off-Road partner.


The Tracker



The Tracker is an iconic barefoot hiking shoe.

We call it ‘the lightweight heavy weight’ for a reason. As of yet, we haven’t found a comparable hiking boot on the market that even comes close to matching this level of lightweight durability. 

Designed to keep you light on your feet – because who wants to be weighed down by heavy, clunky boots? The Tracker is joyfully lightweight, enough so to clip on your backpack without hassle, making it perfect for seasoned travellers and weekend adventurers alike.  If you need a waterproof shoe to dance all weekend at a music festival, it doesn’t get better than this.


The durable leather means that, with the right care, these boots will provide long-term durability and supreme ankle comfort. Not to mention our most exciting feature – this boot has no ‘break-in’ time… they feel great straight out of the box. Plus, the fully waterproof design and removable thermal insole makes Tracker functional throughout the changing seasons. To top it off, the Firm Ground sole uses multi-directional lugs that provide lots of grip on varied tough, rocky and muddy terrains.

And of course, the Tracker is wide, thin and flexible – bringing you as close to barefoot as possible.




Primus Trek


The latest addition to the Off-Road line up, the Trek is a seriously versatile shoe.

It uses our durable Firm Ground sole, providing lots of grip over varied terrains from rocky passes to muddy trails. This shoe will take you from Off-Road peaks to the city streets and everywhere in between.

Treat this shoe with Liquiproof hydrophobic spray to enhance its already-impressive water-resistance.

With a mixture of breathable mesh and Wild Hide leather in all the right places, the Trek helps regulate natural foot temperature and lets feet move freely. You’ll find a supple neoprene ankle sock, designed to give full-range movement whilst keeping out any stones and dirt kicked up on the trail.

Trek is the perfect companion for anyone who wants to move seamlessly on every journey… from running errands to walking through forests, walking to work or walking the dog – this shoe will let you land barefoot every step of the way.




Primus Trail FG



If you’re looking for an ‘all-round’ trail shoe, look no further. 

The Primus Trail features a Firm Ground sole, giving great Off-Road traction on dryer conditions, whilst assuring the durability needed to head back to the city streets. The lightweight design with added grip also makes this a great option for cross fit style activity and park runs.

Featuring a simple toggle-fastening, the Trail FG is designed to move with your foot at every pace, from walk to run.

This shoe is testament to the breathability that can be achieved with vegan materials, making sure your feet stay cool when you pick up the pace, and dry quickly when wet. What’s more, the mesh upper contains recycled PET-bottles, giving this design a sustainable edge.




Primus Trail SG


For those with an adventurous spirit, Primus Soft Ground is the perfect shoe for venturing off the beaten track over muddy, loose terrains (and even over snow!).

The high-profile lugs use an extra-sticky compound, making the Primus SG a favourite with our team of Off- Road athletes. Their prominence does; however, mean that wearing this shoe on one concrete will eventually wear them down. 

Similar to the Primus FG, the SG is made of vegan materials , with a mesh upper that uses recycled PET bottles.  It’s highly flexible and breathable, featuring toggle-fastening and quick-dry design principles.

On this design, we have added a neoprene ankle sock to make sure that any debris kicked up on the trail doesn’t make it inside the shoe, whilst assuring full ankle mobility.




Primus Swimrun



Made in collaboration with ÖTILLÖ Swimrun, the founders of the original Swimrun World Championship, this shoe is designed for those with amphibious tendencies – but don’t let the buck stop there. It also makes a fantastic all-round running shoe for adventurous barefoot movers.

Originating in Sweden, Swimrun is an endurance sport that encompasses, you guessed it – a circuit of swimming and running in some of the World’s most beautiful scenery.

The aim of this collaboration was to create a high-performance barefoot trail shoe that is quick-draining enough to let you move in and out of the water without missing a beat.

 The extra-sticky Firm Ground sole gives good traction of varied terrains, even over slippy rocks. We’ve also included a neoprene ankle-sock to keep out any debris, whilst maintaining the vital ankle freedom need to negotiate tricky routes.

 The Primus Swimrun’s water weight is exceedingly low, and the quick-dry panels help water to be pumped out of the shoe with every step. The end result is an immensely light and versatile Off-Road shoe, with a construction that is a testament to barefoot design principles.





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