Gobi II Laces Mens


Replacement laces for the Men's Gobi II shoe.

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Weight : 118g



They're laces so there's not too much to say. However I will say this; they seem like a great quality and received a bonus pair in my order. Maybe the shoes I ordered at the same time came with them, but either way. I love shoes and laces are a big part of them. Typically when I buy shoes, I almost right away replace laces with a better quality.
At the moment I'm working on replacing my whole shoe collection with vivobarefoot, but until I can make that happen, I am going to at least switch over to the laces. haha!


Work as expected. I actually ordered them as a replacement to my worn out laces from the Sofa Kemba (essentially a moccasin cut gobi)

Cheap, but replace often

These are great laces, at least for a while. My original laces on the Gobi II lasted me a little over a year with regular wear, at which point one lace was frayed almost all the way through at the point where they are knotted. At only a few bucks, its hard to go wrong these. However, seems a bit wasteful they don't last longer. I'd pay more for them to last longer.

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