Thermal Insole Kids


We make shoes for every season, and our Winterproof range keeps your feet warm even in the colder months. Coming as standard in this collection, the thermal insole can be replaced should you require, or even added to other shoes without losing the barefoot experience.

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Pretty pleased so far

Trying these as a traditional insole replacement on my daughter's shoes. (The newer kid versions are made to be worn without insoles, but I prefer to be able to wash them without washing the entire shoe.)

I was hesitant to put them in, heading into summer, but as the shoes run big on her, kinda needed to. So far, no complaints and feet don't seem sweatier than usual :-)

Curious to see how they perform come fall/winter. Doesn't get below freezing for too many weeks here (Northern WA), so should be perfect for those days, and can remove as her feet grow.

So glad these are available!

Bought black mary jane type shoes at end of summer these insole allow my kid to extend how long the shoes are worn. So worth it!!

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