Since 2019 we’ve been proud partners of Woolmark®, the world authority on Merino wool. Together we’re making footwear more regenerative.

Merino wool is natural, renewable and biodegradable. It’s also super comfy and breathable, regulating your foot temperature through heat and cold. In other words, it’s super-natural.

Vivobarefoot sources Australian Merino wool from Woolmark®-certified suppliers to ensure our products are made with the highest quality wool.  Our new mission is to connect with Australian farms that use regenerative farming to enhance biodiversity, soil health and carbon sequestration. Just as seen in Down to Earth, the Netflix series about sustainable living featuring Zac Effron and Darin Olien.

We’re also working with Woolmark® to innovate next-generation technical knits. Our ultimate ambition, as an aspiring regenerative B Corp, is 100% natural footwear. But we’ve already made exciting breakthroughs by blending Merino wool with biodegradable, recycled materials. We can’t wait to show you in new styles from 2023 onwards.

Meanwhile, you can already find Merino wool in many signature Vivobarefoot styles, like our versatile Magna Trail FG walking boot, featherweight Primus Knit running shoe (coming soon), free-roaming Primus Asana sneaker and forward-thinking Tracker Decon hiking footwear. 

  1. Magna FG Womens
    Magna FG Womens
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Our shoes are made wide, thin and flexible to reclaim the feeling through your feet. Once you step into a pair the sensory connection you were born with comes to life — you feel everything.

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