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Slyde Leather Mens


The Slyde is a streamlined barefoot slip on for laid back living. Stitched onto our signature 3mm outsole, the refined design combines luxury leather forefoot and footbed with a super-stretchy neoprene heel, perfect for an effortless slip on and off… though with shoes this comfy, you may forget to take them off.

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100 day trial for barefoot beginners

We're confident that after 100 days of au natural foot freedom (you need to give them a proper outing) your feet will love being feet. So we're happy to give you a no-quibbles test run for 100 days.

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  • Wild Hide
  • Leather footbed
  • Neoprene heel

Slyde Leather Mens DNA


Patented, ultra-thin, puncture resistant layer. 5x more puncture resistant than a standard sole of the same thickness.

Leather Footbed
Leather Footbed

Take your socks off and enjoy the best underfoot performance nature has to offer.

TPU Compound
TPU Compound

Super thin, lightweight and incredibly durable for maximum underfoot sensory clarity.



I like the Slyde shoes, I would most likely buy them again (if nothing better looking comes out). My first pair of minimalist shoes (coming from sketchers go walks). The shoes have less cushioning then other zero drop brands like xeroshoes, vibram. The difference is when walking with the slyde shoes you could feel like your heel is pounding the ground hard before landing your feet (again remember I came from go walk shoes) so I had to learn to roll off my heel and land on the meatier part of my feet which is doing myself good. The leather is porous but I feel my toes getting sweaty within as little as 10 minutes (something I never experienced before using the same socks). Its not an oven it is bearable but its there and I wish it wasnt. When wearing the shoe, the lip part that slides over the top of your foot can seem to bend very slightly just enough to pull your socks making the socks annoyingly fold somewhat so youll have to find the technique to wear them comfortably and somewhat untuck that lip part. I find myself having to rest my hand on the wall for support when putting on the shoes while standing as its not an effortless quick slide (and when I tried lesser effort slipping I could hear minor tears). The wide tox box round shape and thin profile makes the shoes somewhat look like hotel slippers. I started wearing them for office work the past couple of weeks. But I do keep a pair of dressy-er shoes in my car should I have high profile meetings. I wish these shoes looked more elegant. The divider line on the top looks bad so make sure you look at the top view pic of these shoes. These were the only semi dressy looking shoes I could find that had no laces (disliking laces made it a no brainer for me). I would guess the average person would not wear these shoes for work. But I just dont care (that much at least).

Super Smooth Slyde

Fits like a glove and is very comfortable! Even for a recovering stroke patient like me I could slip in and out easily with the ball of my foot. I am extremely glad to have found Vivo Barefoot

Great Product

These are like the slippers of shoes. So comfy. I have a standing desk and they have really helped with tight calf issues.

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