Fresh styles. New innovations. Limited edition colourways. From running shoes to hiking boots, meet our latest barefoot arrivals for men.


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  1. Primus Asana II Mens
    Barefoot, nature-made trainers
  2. Addis Desert Mens
    Addis Desert Mens
    £130.00 £100.00
    Barefoot desert boots that look sharp, but feel wild
  3. Gobi III Mens
    Gobi III Mens
    Handcrafted men's leather desert boots for footloose living
  4. Primus Asana Mens
    Primus Asana Mens
    £150.00 £120.00
    Barefoot, nature-made trainers
  5. Addis Mens
    Addis Mens
    Barefoot men's trainers for all-day feeling
  6. Geo Court III Mens
    Geo Court III Mens
    £150.00 £120.00
    Barefoot trainers that tread lightly on the earth

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