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  1. Gaia Kids
    Gaia Kids
    The barefoot starter shoe for kids
  2. Ultra Bloom Kids
    Ultra Bloom Kids
    Regenerative water shoes for the re-generation
  3. Primus Sport II Kids
    Primus Sport II Kids
    Everyday trainers for kids who don't just follow the crowd
  4. Primus Trail II FG Kids
    Primus Trail II FG Kids
    Tough-wearing, rough terrain outdoor trainers for kids
  5. Primus School II Kids
    Primus School II Kids
    Barefoot school shoes that keep feet and brains moving
  6. Addis Wyn Kids
    Addis Wyn Kids
    Velcro back to school shoes for barefoot kids
  7. Addis Kids
    Addis Kids
    Barefoot kids' trainers that strengthen feet and communities
    From £49.00
  8. Gobi Addis Kids
    Gobi Addis Kids
    Barefoot children's desert boots
    From £53.00