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  1. Tracker Decon Low FG2 Mens
    Tracker Decon Low FG2 Mens
    £160.00 £128.00
    Stripped-back, forward-looking hikers
  2. Novus Mid Mens
    Novus Mid Mens
    £180.00 £135.00
    High-top barefoot trainers that fuse urban style and outdoor sole
  3. Primus Lite All Weather Mens
    All-weather barefoot trainers for year-round movement
  4. Primus Trail III All Weather FG Mens
    Barefoot footwear for year-round trail running and hiking
  5. Hydra Esc Mens
    Hydra Esc Mens
    Revolutionary, high-performance swimrun sneakers
  6. Primus Lite Knit Mens
    Primus Lite Knit Mens
    £145.00 £112.00
    A sustainable sneaker for strength training, animal flow and light running