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finisterre X VIVOBAREFOOT25.04.2018

We’ve teamed up with British surf brand, Finisterre, to bring you a collaboration with adventurous tendencies, ready to journey over land and sea. Discover the iconic Ultra III Bloom and Total Eclipse Sandal, plus an exclusive adventure-proof rucksack using Ortlieb waterproof technology.

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The 5 barefoot vegan shoes you'll want this summer19.04.2018

We all know how hard it can be to find vegan-friendly designs that not only look good, but also feel great to wear and can stand the test of time. Well look no further! Our 5 favourite pairs of barefoot vegan shoes are designed with sustainability in mind and perfected for feet.

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Explore with the Namib Desert Boot 12.04.2018

A barefoot desert boot designed for versatility, built to withstand the Namibian Desert. This high-performance boot is ready to explore from the inner city and beyond. With desert-proof credentials and unrestrained barefoot freedom, capable of venturing off the beaten track and back again.

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Primus Innovation18.01.2018

The Primus barefoot shoe collection repreesents the pinnacle of ‘feet first’ design principles. By popular demand, we’ve created this introduction to each member the Primus Family, so you can find the perfect companion for your #LIVEBAREFOOT lifestyle

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Big wave surfer Torsten Durkan is turning the tide on Coral Bleaching by surfing GIANT waves10.01.2018

VIVOBAREFOOT have partnered with big wave Surfer, Torsten Durkan, who is helping turn the tide damage to our Oceans using an ingenious initiative… For every towering foot of wave that he Surfs, Torsten secures a pledge from individuals and companies, used to fund ocean conservation projects, specifically focusing on coral bleaching in the wake of climate change.

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Look after your leather20.11.2017

Look after your kit and it will look after you!We spoke to wilderness and survival expert Ben McNutt on how to look after your leather hiking boots so they provide the best innate water-resistance nature has to offer (and all other leather goods for that matter!).

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she who dares, swims16.08.2017

Adrenaline and adventure is no longer just a boys game - women the World over are smashing extreme sports stereotypes and pushing the podium's boundaries. We caught up with Vivo Athlete, Maja Tesch, to find out why she can't get enough of Swimrun.

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