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Barefoot is for everyone, every day, and the best way to start is to simply take your shoes off, stand, walk and let gravity take its course. When our shoes let our feet move naturally, all the muscles, ligaments and tendons become free to build strength and flexibility, helping to sustain a healthy foundation for movement.

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Foot Care is Back Care07.03.2018

Guest blogger Ben McNutt explores how changing his shoes was the key to conquering chronic back pain."Just as a tiny pebble is able to throw a huge wagon out of the ruts and change its trajectory; so too can a relatively small heel block…"

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Podcast: In conversation with VIVO founder Galahad Clark28.02.2018

"Our job is to empower people as many people as possible with ownership of their body" VIVO founder Galahad Clark was recently invited to be interviewed by natural movement experts MoveU.

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Barefoot for back pain: Dr. Rangan Chatterjee's 4 Pillar Plan 09.02.2018

The BBC's "Doctor in the House" Dr. Rangan Chaterjee has been barefoot for 7 years. He came to VIVO on the recommendation of a friend, whilst in search of a way to remedy chronic back pain - and found that barefoot was just what the Doctor ordered.

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Simplicity is the keynote of good design08.02.2018

When it comes to what to wear on our feet, we’ve been irresponsibly pedalled cushioning, padding, arch support, height… with the promise that ‘more means better’. The list is nigh on endless, with new additions of clobber added quicker than you can say natural-healthy-movement. But the simple truth when it comes to shoes is that you’ve already got the most important piece of kit – your feet.

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Introduction to Natural Movement06.10.2017

The Natural foot is wide, flexible and sensory. It has 200,000 nerve endings. And is a sensory organ for a reason. 70% of our brain's movement information comes from our feet (10% eyes, 20% inner ears). The part of the brain that gets information from the feet is the same size as the part of the brain that gets information from the hands. Take away this feedback and the it gets confused, resulting in unskillful movement that can lead to pain.

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Barefoot Walking06.10.2017

Walking in cushioned shoes creates a barrier between the brain and sensory information underfoot. When we walk barefoot, the brain is able to gain an accurate representation of the impact in each step and adjusts by bringing the foot placement closer to our centre of gravity.A padded heel leads us to overstride, because our brain is unable to process the level of impact loaded in each step. When we overstride whilst barefoot, messages are sent to the brain that indicate discomfort - a clear sign from the body that movement needs to be adjusted.

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