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Barefoot Really is Best.... Especially At School2 Days ago

_A7M5211_1 Kids learn best when they´re moving – and moving barefoot is even better for their growing feet, bodies and brains too. There is an ever-increasing body of scientific work to back this up: Kids who are regularly barefoot have better-developed motor skills than those who regularly wear shoes, according to a study [1] from German and South African universities. A study from the University of Bournemouth [1] also found that kids who took their shoes off in the classroom...

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Do girls need girly shoes27.03.2020

BEING A GIRL is being redefined before our eyes. It’s one of the most exciting parts of parenting tomorrow’s women today. Well, we think so, anyway. The books are changing, the movies are changing, the toys are changing – even...

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Kids don’t need fashion and technology on their feet26.03.2020

IT´S TIME TO REMOVE THE PADDING The sneakers – or trainers – that countless kids around the world pull on every day aren´t good for their feet, bodies OR brains. This is what happens when sports meets fashion and...

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Does My Kid Need Arch Support18.03.2020

WHAT IS ARCH SUPPORT AND DOES MY KID NEED IT? Traditionally, ARCH SUPPORT was a key part of kids´ shoes. The old-fashioned idea was that a child´s foot needed help as it grew with a hard sole, support and cushioning...

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The Domesticated Human03.10.2019

- From the Latin domesticus meaning ‘belonging to the house’ In 1912 Ernest Thompson Seaton wrote “Half our diseases are in our minds and half in our houses” and that was over a century ago. Since then we have increasingly...

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7 Misconceptions of Parenting Today20.09.2019

What are those little comments and asides we just keep on repeating over and over to our kids that we really need to take a step back from? Many are things we heard ourselves as kids, many are the expectations...

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Stay barefoot, even when its time to go... back to school!29.08.2018

As the days inch slowly shorter and the weather gets cooler (finally, some will say) in the northern hemisphere this means…. it’s back to school!

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