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The Domesticated Human03.10.2019

- From the Latin domesticus meaning ‘belonging to the house’ In 1912 Ernest Thompson Seaton wrote “Half our diseases are in our minds and half in our houses” and that was over a century ago. Since then we have increasingly become an indoor species - TV, Phone, Gaming and Internet addicts - with a whole generations barely venturing outside. It is thought that both the average Brit and American spend about 90% of their lives indoors! Just take a second...

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Look after your leather20.11.2017

Look after your kit and it will look after you!We spoke to wilderness and survival expert Ben McNutt on how to look after your leather hiking boots so they provide the best innate water-resistance nature has to offer (and all other leather goods for that matter!).

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Ben McNutt : How to make fire 29.03.2017

Survival expert Ben McNutt explains how to make fire using indigenou, traditional methods.

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Stay Sharp : How tools defined our species27.03.2017

Survival expert Ben McNutt talks explores how the creation of tools defined our species, as the blade literally carved our niche in the Animal Kingdon.

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Finding Water in the Desert23.03.2017

Ben McNutt explains how to gather water in the desert. He hopes you'll never have to use these skills - but they're fascinating none the less!

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Do you want to build a snow house13.01.2017

VIVOBAREFOOT share the science of how to survive in sub zero temperatures with survival expert Ben McNutt

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Learning your letters: The basics of Morphology22.11.2016

The San are known for their persistence hunting methods where they run down the animal through the heat of the day.

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