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Do girls need girly shoes8 Days ago

BEING A GIRL is being redefined before our eyes. It’s one of the most exciting parts of parenting tomorrow’s women today. Well, we think so, anyway. The books are changing, the movies are changing, the toys are changing – even the clothes are (finally!) changing too. There is more of a choice of better role models (although look at the average teenagers’ Instagram feed and you might want to rage and/or cry!) but overall, we believe today’s young girls and...

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Kids don’t need fashion and technology on their feet9 Days ago

IT´S TIME TO REMOVE THE PADDING The sneakers – or trainers – that countless kids around the world pull on every day aren´t good for their feet, bodies OR brains. This is what happens when sports meets fashion and...

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5 reasons you should try barefoot shoes for your kids9 Days ago

1. Feet are connected Our feet are packed with nerve endings that create a vital sensory feedback loop connecting brains to feet and the rest of the body. Keeping this system sparking and active forms the foundation for happy, healthy...

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Shoes can wreck our feet. And this is not news. As far back as the ancient Greeks, philosophers were already describing how ill-fitting sandals caused diseases of the foot; Socrates himself was known to insist on walking barefoot. In the...

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Does My Kid Need Arch Support17 Days ago

WHAT IS ARCH SUPPORT AND DOES MY KID NEED IT? Traditionally, ARCH SUPPORT was a key part of kids´ shoes. The old-fashioned idea was that a child´s foot needed help as it grew with a hard sole, support and cushioning...

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The International Women’s Day – celebrating the toes and flows27 Days ago

Vivobarefoot has collaborated with Noble Cup to support their Every Queen Bleeds campaign this International Women’s Day 2020. Noble Cup is Ethiopia’s first menstrual cup leading an “Every Queen Bleeds” guerrilla movement breaking stigmas on menstrual health and raising awareness on period poverty, while offering awareness to sustainable period practices with a menstrual cup.

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What is Pronation, Overpronation and Supination?14.02.2020

Pronation and Supination are natural and essential for healthy feet and ankles. The truth is the natural functional foot is an incredible piece of kit and is designed to pronate and supinate when you walk and run. Your movement skill...

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