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Take your time when choosing a trusty trail companion – you’ll likely be spending a lot of time together! Use this handy guide to compare designs and find the perfect Off-Road shoe.

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Engage your feet with a spot of Toega18.06.2018

Are you looking to improve your foot health, joint mobility and toe strength? Are you looking to re-engage your brain with your feet and take back control of your once dexterous toes? Re-learning how to use your feet is easy and could have benefits way beyond strong feet. Let us introduce you to the wonderful, enriching, world of Toe Yoga, or Toega.

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Explore with the Namib Desert Boot 12.04.2018

A barefoot desert boot designed for versatility, built to withstand the Namibian Desert. This high-performance boot is ready to explore from the inner city and beyond. With desert-proof credentials and unrestrained barefoot freedom, capable of venturing off the beaten track and back again.

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KANNA // Unleashing the supernatural you14.03.2018

An introduction to the VIVOBAREFOOT Kanna shoe. If you practice yoga, love Pilates, dance or simply want to improve your balance… Kanna is the answer to all your prayers. By giving your feet the freedom to move as nature intended, they are unleashed to their fullest potential, allowing you to build on strong, healthy feet with every step.

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A Classic Example 07.09.2017

The Gobi is a desert boot with deep ancestral roots, following simple and functional design principles. But this time it’s foot shaped with a super-thin sole that feels like you’re not wearing a desert boot – or any boot at all for that matter.

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Train. Race. Rest : Swimrun Collection Review 01.08.2017

Meet Dale, Vivo International Sales Manager by day, outdoor enthusiast and trail runner by everything in-between; sharing his take on the Swimrun Collection: 'TRAIN-RACE-REST'.

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