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Take your time when choosing a trusty trail companion – you’ll likely be spending a lot of time together! Use this handy guide to compare designs and find the perfect Off-Road shoe.

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Explore with the Namib Desert Boot 12.04.2018

A barefoot desert boot designed for versatility, built to withstand the Namibian Desert. This high-performance boot is ready to explore from the inner city and beyond. With desert-proof credentials and unrestrained barefoot freedom, capable of venturing off the beaten track and back again.

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Weighted Barefoot Running15.02.2017

Running a Marathon Pulling a 1.4 Tonne Car Covering 1,000 Miles With a 50kkg Marine Backpack Completing an Olympic-Distance Triathlon Carrying a 100-lbs Tree Last year I developed a strange sporting skillset. I became quite good at carrying very heavy...

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Testing Primus SG at Swedens Fjallmaraton11.08.2016

Having just returned from Trillevallen, Sweden, for the AXA Fjallmaraton and weekend of brutal Primus Trail testing, we hear from Dale, our international Sales Manager, resident trail enthusiast and the smiliest man at Vivo.

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Gobi II Suede Testimonial11.07.2016

At this stage I’m confident to say that my Gobis are the best travel shoes I have ever owned.

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Life on the Highline: Why VIVO works for me29.02.2016

In the short time I have owned my Vivo’s my posture has improved, foot muscles strengthened allowing me to be on my feet for hours with no pain, and most importantly I have been able to continue my pursuit of highlining in the most comfortable and styling shoes around.

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Shoes for shapers: Why the Gobi works for surfboard makers22.02.2016

When I started barefoot running about three years ago, I wasn’t quite aware of the impact it was going to have on my day to day life.

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