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Engage your feet with a spot of Toega18.06.2018

Are you looking to improve your foot health, joint mobility and toe strength? Are you looking to re-engage your brain with your feet and take back control of your once dexterous toes? Re-learning how to use your feet is easy and could have benefits way beyond strong feet. Let us introduce you to the wonderful, enriching, world of Toe Yoga, or Toega.

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5 reasons to try barefoot shoes03.05.2018

The benefits of natural foot freedom are all encompassing, but here’s a summary of our favourite reasons to try a barefoot shoe.

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The Benefits of Barefoot30.11.2016

The benefits of a barefoot lifestyle summed up in cartoon images

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Learning to walk in barefoot shoes25.11.2015

If you are new to wearing VIVOBAREFOOT shoes we’d recommend walking before you run and transitioning gradually. It might feel unusual at first, but it’ll be worth it in the long run.

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How to choose the right running shoes23.04.2014

How to chose the right barefoot running shoe

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