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Wrapping up another successful swimrun season!06.12.2019

It’s the end of another amazing season for swimrun - another year which has seen the sport booming in popularity around the world! And not just by the increasing numbers of elite endurance athletes who are joining in, but also because of the hundreds of adventurous nature lovers who want to experience open water swimming and trail running in an entirely new way. Swimrun is like no other sport, after all, you won’t find many other ways to run in...

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The Primus Swimrun Boot SG11.07.2018

The Primus Swimrun Boot SG is the latest high-performance barefoot design perfected for athletes with amphibious tendencies, made in collaboration with the ÖtillÖ Swimrun World Series.

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Swimrun Season 201804.04.2018

VIVOBAREFOOT are the official shoe sponsor of the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Series. We'll be island-hopping in tow with the 2018 season, sharing our collaborative swimrun collection ‘Train·Race·Rest’ and supporting Team Envol as official sponsors of the world's first Swimrun Team.

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Winter Water Heroes 15.11.2017

Cold water swimming is fast emerging on the medical radar as the ‘super food’ of physical activities – lowering blood pressure, boosting immunity, circulation and libido, and even mediating stress and depression. But what the colder months? We asked some cold-water lovers of the Swimrun World Series why and how they do it when the temperature starts to plummet…

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she who dares, swims16.08.2017

Adrenaline and adventure is no longer just a boys game - women the World over are smashing extreme sports stereotypes and pushing the podium's boundaries. We caught up with Vivo Athlete, Maja Tesch, to find out why she can't get enough of Swimrun.

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Experience Swimrun with A Sprint03.08.2017

This summer, our team ‘behind the scenes’ at Vivo HQ were invited to take part in the OtillO Swimrun Sprint on the Isles of Scilly. If entering the Swimrun Sprint is at all within your remit, I’d 100% recommend moving Land and Sea to get to one.

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Train. Race. Rest : Swimrun Collection Review 01.08.2017

Meet Dale, Vivo International Sales Manager by day, outdoor enthusiast and trail runner by everything in-between; sharing his take on the Swimrun Collection: 'TRAIN-RACE-REST'.

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