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Simplicity is the keynote of good design08.02.2018

When it comes to what to wear on our feet, we’ve been irresponsibly pedalled cushioning, padding, arch support, height… with the promise that ‘more means better’. The list is nigh on endless, with new additions of clobber added quicker than you can say natural-healthy-movement. But the simple truth when it comes to shoes is that you’ve already got the most important piece of kit – your feet.

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We innovate sustainably with both leather AND vegan materials31.01.2018

We’ve developed shoe-making materials for the conscious consumer. Discover sustainable innovation with Vegan designs and thoughtfully-sourced Wild Hide leather in our latest blog.

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Primus Innovation18.01.2018

The Primus barefoot shoe collection repreesents the pinnacle of ‘feet first’ design principles. By popular demand, we’ve created this introduction to each member the Primus Family, so you can find the perfect companion for your #LIVEBAREFOOT lifestyle

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VIVOBAREFOOT Biophilic Concept Store13.12.2017

Our new London concept store follows Biophilic design principles, aligning with the natural world and bringing its benefits inside to create a healthy and productive space for modern humans.

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Dr. Rangan Chatterjee on why barefoot is best for kids17.11.2017

Dr. Rangan Chatterjee has helped us fully understand the positive health benefits of going barefoot.

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