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Daily Exercise Tutorials06.10.2017

Don't rush info full barefoot exercise until you have flexibility in your ankles and hips. This simple daily exercise will revitalise your movement system and build up the strength and flexibility in the key areas to get you back to healthy natural movement. Enjoy!

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A Classic Example 07.09.2017

The Gobi is a desert boot with deep ancestral roots, following simple and functional design principles. But this time it’s foot shaped with a super-thin sole that feels like you’re not wearing a desert boot – or any boot at all for that matter.

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Train. Race. Rest : Swimrun Collection Review 01.08.2017

Meet Dale, Vivo International Sales Manager by day, outdoor enthusiast and trail runner by everything in-between; sharing his take on the Swimrun Collection: 'TRAIN-RACE-REST'.

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