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Barefoot Really is Best.... Especially At School06.08.2020

_A7M5211_1 Kids learn best when they´re moving – and moving barefoot is even better for their growing feet, bodies and brains too. There is an ever-increasing body of scientific work to back this up: Kids who are regularly barefoot have better-developed motor skills than those who regularly wear shoes, according to a study [1] from German and South African universities. A study from the University of Bournemouth [1] also found that kids who took their shoes off in the classroom...

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Kids don’t need fashion and technology on their feet26.03.2020

IT´S TIME TO REMOVE THE PADDING The sneakers – or trainers – that countless kids around the world pull on every day aren´t good for their feet, bodies OR brains. This is what happens when sports meets fashion and...

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Does My Kid Need Arch Support18.03.2020

WHAT IS ARCH SUPPORT AND DOES MY KID NEED IT? Traditionally, ARCH SUPPORT was a key part of kids´ shoes. The old-fashioned idea was that a child´s foot needed help as it grew with a hard sole, support and cushioning...

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7 Misconceptions of Parenting Today20.09.2019

What are those little comments and asides we just keep on repeating over and over to our kids that we really need to take a step back from? Many are things we heard ourselves as kids, many are the expectations...

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Over millennia evolution has built our kids to be as they are FOR A REASON – and most kids are lucky enough to be born perfectly primed to grow strong and healthy in body and mind. Kids instinctively know how...

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Us humans have been pretty terrible to the planet we live on. A major study involving 59 international scientists reported that human activity has destroyed 60% of all the world’s animals since 1970. Scientists estimate that 150-200 species of plant,...

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"Your shoes are expensive!"20.09.2018

We see this comment from time to time on social media and yes, we know our shoes are more expensive than a lot of kids’ shoes out there. This is always a difficult subject - but we’ll do our best...

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