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A Winter Solstice report from Galahad Clark21.12.2017

A Winter Solstice Report from VIVO founder Galahad Clark a.k.a Mr Big Toe! Enjoy the holidays! We look forward to seeing you on the Shoespiracy red carpet and/or at a Swimrun event and/or big wave surfing and saving the corals!

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California Swimrunning30.10.2017

The Americans have started popping up on the OtillO circuit (the original and best Swimrun series in Europe originating on the idyllic island of Uto in the Stockholm archipelago) and they are fast and enthusiastic to ‘blow the sport up’ Stateside.

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A Christmas round up from Galahad Clark23.12.2016

We’re getting ready for the New Year at Vivobarefoot and it’s all about TRANSITION & CHANGE.

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The Ancient History of Barefoot Shoes08.06.2016

Indigenous shoemaking is barefoot shoemaking. And this ancient tradition inspires us to get back to our roots and create barefoot shoes made for modern feet from every walk of life

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Persistently Hunting The Persistent Hunters10.05.2016

We had driven for over 1000 kilometers over the African Plains. . The previous three villages had all pointed us in the direction of this little village, saying the last guy who knew how to do the long distance running and persistence hunting would definitely be here. Original humans hunted by running down and tracking prey over the hottest hours of the day.

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