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The Ababa : A design journey with a cause 10.03.2017

The new Ababa, part of the soul of africa range is designed to be a super simle slip on with a glove like feet and barefoot feel.

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Saami Lite and Tabi Hi: Shoes Inspired by ancient wisdom26.10.2016

We have travelled the world on the quest for the perfect shoe, perfect for feet.

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Handcut: The heel shaped heel03.05.2016

Every step we take when we walk, our foot passes through three position phases, known as “rockers”. These phases are: the heel rocker—the heel contacts the ground to begin the step—the ankle rocker—the foot rolls from the heel to the ball of the foot—and the forefoot, or toe, rocker—the ball and big toe push off of the ground, giving the step momentum.

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