October 2017

California Swimrunning30.10.2017

The Americans have started popping up on the OtillO circuit (the original and best Swimrun series in Europe originating on the idyllic island of Uto in the Stockholm archipelago) and they are fast and enthusiastic to ‘blow the sport up’ Stateside.

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Let kids play in nature24.10.2017

Kids need to live nature: they need to feel at home in it’s surroundings, be happy to play in it’s mud, climbs its trees, dig in it’s sand and make dens from it’s rocks, branches and leaves. It is not enough to watch nature videos and be herded from plastic playground to plastic playground by watchful parents concerned about dirt and injury.

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Get flexible the healthy way20.10.2017

Use these key tips to improve on flexibility the healthy way. Remember, A smile is a helpful cue! A grimacing face indicates a forceful, unnatural movement - always work with your body, not against it. Working to enhance your physical capability should be a joyful process, not a miserable one!

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Are you feeling the beat?09.10.2017

I started running seriously 7 years ago. After realizing my technique was all wrong from getting shin splints and landing heel first, I investigated barefoot running, learned the technique and found Vivo barefoot shoes! My first pair were Evo pures

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Transform your yoga practice08.10.2017

Our feet are the foundation that support all this healthy movement (as in yoga!), yet when you cast your eye around the changing room, you’ll quickly spot many people putting on cramped, unnaturally shaped shoes that actively undermine all of that good work.

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Introduction to Natural Movement06.10.2017

The Natural foot is wide, flexible and sensory. It has 200,000 nerve endings. And is a sensory organ for a reason. 70% of our brain's movement information comes from our feet (10% eyes, 20% inner ears). The part of the brain that gets information from the feet is the same size as the part of the brain that gets information from the hands. Take away this feedback and the it gets confused, resulting in unskillful movement that can lead to pain.

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Barefoot Walking06.10.2017

Walking in cushioned shoes creates a barrier between the brain and sensory information underfoot. When we walk barefoot, the brain is able to gain an accurate representation of the impact in each step and adjusts by bringing the foot placement closer to our centre of gravity.A padded heel leads us to overstride, because our brain is unable to process the level of impact loaded in each step. When we overstride whilst barefoot, messages are sent to the brain that indicate discomfort - a clear sign from the body that movement needs to be adjusted.

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Barefoot Running06.10.2017

Once you are happy barefoot walking, squatting and done plenty of exercises of flexibility and toe ga it’s time to move on to barefoot running.

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Daily Exercise Tutorials06.10.2017

Don't rush info full barefoot exercise until you have flexibility in your ankles and hips. This simple daily exercise will revitalise your movement system and build up the strength and flexibility in the key areas to get you back to healthy natural movement. Enjoy!

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5 Ways to let your kids grow wild02.10.2017

5 Ways to let your kids grow wild!

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