It has already been a couple of years since I started walking and running only in barefoot shoes - exactly in VIVOBAREFOOT shoes. Most of the time I’m running various trails in nature, so the last two years in only the Trail Freak. So, at the beginning, I was wondering if the Primus Trail could be a good substitute. After my first run in these new shoes I knew that it wasn’t only a good substitute it was even better. I enjoyed it so much that I almost ran a fast half marathon through the forest. Although I ran for the first time in the Primus Trail, the shoes did not pinch me neither it was necessary to get accustomed to them. The paths were muddy that day but the shoes did not slip. 

However, the real test came a few days later when I ran a mountain peak on Monte Baldo in Italy with many ups and downs. It was about 35 degrees Celsius. I ran 10 km uphill and 10 km downhill. The path was rocky and steep – the elevation gain was about 1500 meters. In this difficult terrain the shoes adhered to the surface very well, did not slip and the airy textile perfectly ventilated. Some stones were pretty sharp so I appreciated that the sole is puncture-resistant but still very flexible. I perceived a great change especially around ankles – the Primus Trail is slightly padded in that area and it makes the shoes more stable but it doesn’t limit the movement of feet, by any means. Not just the outsole changed but also the shoes now have a wider toe box. It is very comfortable and gives you even more freedom of movement.

The Primus Trail FG has a new outsole – the firm ground sole, which is great for technical trails. The FG sole enables you to run in the forest, on wet, muddy and also dry and rocky surfaces. In every case the shoes were durable and didn’t slip.

I really enjoy the barefoot feeling with a protective, minimalist sole and. I really love natural movement and being barefoot. These shoes are definitely my number one.

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You can buy the Primus Trail FG as part of our Off Road Collection. 


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