November 2017

Meet the small super heroes whose feet talk to their brains28.11.2017

Active feet mean active brains: spark the creativity in your junior superhero! Meet the small super heroes whose feet talk to their brains!

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Look after your leather20.11.2017

Look after your kit and it will look after you!We spoke to wilderness and survival expert Ben McNutt on how to look after your leather hiking boots so they provide the best innate water-resistance nature has to offer (and all other leather goods for that matter!).

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Dr. Rangan Chatterjee on why barefoot is best for kids17.11.2017

Dr. Rangan Chatterjee has helped us fully understand the positive health benefits of going barefoot.

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Winter Water Heroes 15.11.2017

Cold water swimming is fast emerging on the medical radar as the ‘super food’ of physical activities – lowering blood pressure, boosting immunity, circulation and libido, and even mediating stress and depression. But what the colder months? We asked some cold-water lovers of the Swimrun World Series why and how they do it when the temperature starts to plummet…

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The day pink and blue (finally) killed each other14.11.2017

Girls are not hard-wired by nature for pink and boys for blue. They just aren’t. Let’s let pink and blue kill each other in the ring of senseless consumerism. Let’s nurture a nature that is not dominated by pink and blue, and free our kids to just be kids, in any colour they want.

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Running South America10.11.2017

Katharine and David Lowrie are the first people in the world to have run the length of South America unsupported. They ran 6,504 miles, through five countries, averaging 20 miles a day, often running marathons back-to-back, in temperatures ranging from sub-zero to 45 degrees Celsius.

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Meet Kids manager Bayarma Clark01.11.2017

Vivobarefoot is a family business. Standing at the helm when it comes to keeping Kids' feet moving with natural barefoot freedom, you'll find Bayarma Clark. Mother of two girls, Yeva and Coco, and wife to VIVO founder, Galahad Clark, Bayarma is dedicated to keeping Kids' feet healthy and advocating the importance of unstructured play and wild adventures.

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