May 2018

Move More With Less31.05.2018

At VivoKids we create shoes with less stuff too: no padding, support or restrictions so small feet can grow as close to barefoot as possible. Our approach of creating ‘less shoe’ also means less likelihood of growing with the many problems that come from narrow, tight, padded shoes. We make our shoes sustainable and built to last so we’re not adding to the ‘stuff’.

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3 Reasons why VIVOKids are good for growing feet18.05.2018

We believe barefoot is best for kids. But we get that it isn’t always practical. Kids' footwear should protect only from climate and terrain: all our VivoKids shoes are created to do just that.

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Thinking of becoming a minimalist?16.05.2018

It's the VIVOBAREFOOT Minimalism campaign. Each week we’ll be trying our hand at some minimalist challenges, aiming to inspire consideration for how we can enhance our connection with ourselves, each other and nature.

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Catching up with Leah Dawson10.05.2018

Leah Dawson is one of today’s most influential women in global surf culture and communities. Not only has she become a surf icon, but a leader who lives by example. Her professional surf career has taken her around the globe to surf world class waves and events. With more than 20 years of surf competition experience, you can find Leah charging ahead chasing swell, living well, and connecting with nature.

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3 reasons to ditch your kids' traditional shoes right now09.05.2018

Discover what happens to growing feet when they are stuffed into spaces that stop their little feet from developing naturally (which is most conventional shoes)!

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5 reasons to try barefoot shoes03.05.2018

The benefits of natural foot freedom are all encompassing, but here’s a summary of our favourite reasons to try a barefoot shoe.

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We love the big toe 01.05.2018

The big toe is the body's anchor and pivot from the moment your baby starts moving, standing and then walking. That's why we make sure they can move as nature intended, by making thin, wide and flexible shoes for growing feet.

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