May 2017

Vivobarefoot X Bloom01.05.2018

Ultra III Bloom, the ultra-eco take on our hero amphibious shoe. Made using Algae rescued from rivers, lakes and oceans from around the World, this shoe is the latest of our sustainable design initiatives.

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Otillo Swimrun27.05.2017

VIVOBAREFOOT are the official partners for ÖTILLÖ Swimrun, the World's most beautiful endurance race.

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Latest Collab: Meet London Cloth Company18.05.2017

The antithesis of mass production. London Cloth Company weave fabrics to order, using quality British wool – the perfect partner to the Vivobarefoot Handcut Collection.

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The Ababa: A Sustainable Story17.05.2017

The Soul of Africa Charitable Trust, founded by Lancelot Clark (former MD of Clarks shoes and father to Vivo MD, Galahad), has been passionately working to create opportunities for employment in shoe-making on the African continent since 2003. The Trust then gathers profits from international sales and returns them to inspirational local projects.

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Kids: Foot-Shaped Not Shoe-Shaped09.05.2017

Brainy, foot-shaped feet grow up strong and skillful too. Kid's feet are born perfect. While being barefoot as much as possible is ideal, we get that it's not realistic: so Vivobarefoot is a barely-there shoe to help them grow...

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Kids: Don't Raise A Sea Squirt26.04.2017

It's never been more important to raise kids who can MOVE! It shouldn't be a scary story: a young sea squirt swims happily around the ocean looking for food and its brain grows. Then, about halfway through its life-cycle,...

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Kids: Smart Feet25.02.2017

Keep the vital sensory connection between kids’ feet and brains sparking and active for smart, brainy feet!

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